Nibolo is a website (www.nibolo.com) that acts as a marketplace for online services. Buyers and sellers of those services will match together, services will be sent to the buyer, and payments will be transferred seamlessly. Nibolo’s forte is based on a user-friendly website. The user will know exactly what to do and will be able to use the website without any hassle or complicated steps. It is very crucial to have a clean UI, which makes it easier for first-time users to register and get their first freelance job.
Once you sign up to Nibolo, you become a bronze member. You could walk yourself up the rank to Silver & Gold depends on how much you sell and your overall rating. Nibolo takes a fixed percentage from any transaction on our website.
Bronze Membership = 15%
Silver Membership = 13%
Gold Membership = 10%
Feel free to contact us through your messaging portal, or email us at hello@nibolo.com for any inquiries.
Welcome Aboard!